Friday, September 18, 2009


Our baby is growing! You should see her chasing birds and playing with the goats (who are just about her size!) Momma Buttercup is always watching.
The goat drawing is coming along. It's such a pleasure. After spending a few hours on the drawing, I have to check out the areas I drew when I milk! Their hair goes in so many directions! I'm getting to know my girls better through close observation. By the way, they were NUTS today.
Braiding with horsehair. I tried a new style today, with just 8 hairs. Using Harry's ultra blond tail hair, the twisted strand looks almost transparent.
As you can see here. Click to see closer.
Details to follow, another day.


  1. The earrings are made with horse hair too right? It looks just like fishing line.

    You drawing is SO detailed.

  2. Yes, they're horsehair. I know! They are nearly transparent!