Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday, I left home at 6:40 AM, and returned at 9:30 PM. A long, long day, but mighty productive. I have been anticipating a long few days, and ticking off the events as they occurred, bringing me closer to the weekend and some quiet time.
Yesterday: wake up with anxiety dreams at 3:30AM; try to sleep..wake up in a sweat at 5:30. Give up. Give Peter a ride to the garage at 6:30 to pick up the newly repaired Miata before work: CHECK. Attend a district meeting for department heads at 8 AM: CHECK. Teach until 3 PM (and all that THAT entails): CHECK. Meet with the principal: CHECK. Run to Walmart for yarn for a fundraiser: CHECK. Get to the dentist by 4:15: CHECK. Get teeth cleaned and crown fixed: CHECK. Pick up Peter and eat a fast dinner: CHECK. Board meeting from 7 - 9: CHECK. Fall into couch and conk out then go to bed in a half-dream: CHECK.
Today: Wake up at 3:30 AM with anxiety dreams; try to sleep. Wake up in a sweat at 5:30. Give up. Teach all day: CHECK. Grade a pile of painting exercises: CHECK. Run a department meeting at 2:30: CHECK. Go to the farm to milk, etc. (see previous blog): CHECK. Run home to shower and call my old friend for our long-planned dinner date (which I accepted in lieu of a faculty girls-night-out)...NO CHECK. Weekend begins early. CHECK.
What I really want to do is this: I want to make Christmas presents, apple pies, and fall wreaths. I want to crochet, make soap and horsehair earrings. I want to fall asleep in a hot bath. I want to come home to a magically clean house. I want to read a book without interruptions. I want to sew flannel pillows. I want to fall asleep in my duckie, in the sun, on the water with a purring cat on my lap. I want to smooch my pets and my husband. I want to eat a Maine, on the porch of an old B&B overlooking the ocean. I want to make cheese, ride a horse, and smell fall air. I want to open the windows and sleep under a warm blanket. I want to drink some good wine and still feel chipper in the morning. I'll let you know if I manage any of these things in the near future.

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