Sunday, September 20, 2009

Farms are Funny Places

Boots Sticks His Tongue Out at Visitors Sometimes. Don't even ask what Snotsky (another big boy) does.
Hardly a day goes by that doesn't give me a good laugh when I'm working at the farm. Last night, Peter was trying to help design a new milking stall for the cows. It involved going into a goat stall to take some measurements. As he did, he noticed the goats beginning to slowly disappear, and found he had left one of the outer stall doors open, so he closed it and herded them back in, one by one. He got them all inside, then stepped inside himself, only to find they had been going out the other gate just as fast as he was putting them in. It sounds like a Marx Brothers routine. I have to laugh just thinking about it.
Feeding Time at the Zoo
You couldn't fit one more knobby little head in there. They act like they've never eaten before, when in fact they have been nibbling fresh grass and clover all day. Silly goats! They'll knock each other over to get at the alfalfa. Did you ever hear a goat growl? It's impressive. They have lots of interesting little noises. I believe they sneeze like we use curse words...sometimes in pleasure, sometimes in warning: "(SNEEZE!!!) that's good alfalfa!" or "Oh, (SNEEZE!!!) the dog's coming!" I sneezed purely by accident yesterday and they all stopped eating and stared at me. I apologized immediately. Who knows what I said! From the way they reacted, I might have dropped the goatish equivalent to the F-bomb. Yikes!
Some Horses are Just Clowns.
Just look at that silly face!
This place has fed my spirit so well these last 8 months. Who else can say they find laughter, meaning and beauty every single day of their lives? I'm so lucky to have found them.

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