Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thrift Store Harvest: Priceless.
If you take a close look at the two red tags, you'll see what I paid ($4.83) for two flannel shirts which yielded the following: two pillow covers for Christmas presents; a dozen or so buttons, 7 hanky-sized squares for cleaning the goatie's udders when milking (or whatever else you could think of), and a pile of odd sized scraps for ornaments, quilting, projects, etc. I filleted the shirts. What a deal. And the pillows are so soft! I will have to buy inserts that fit. I just stuffed old pillows inside for the photo. They remind me of my husband's belly.
Soap and Cotton Washcloths: Handmade for the Holidays
While I was waiting in various meetings and waiting rooms over the past week, I used my time to crochet a few washcloths for Christmas presents. We already have the goat-milk soap; we may market a few sets with washcloths as well. I used "Peaches and Cream" cotton yarn for the cloths. It makes a soft, durable washcloth that holds water well. I actually asked my mom, who is a crocheting DIVA, to make a few for me for the farm fundraiser. Hers are better than mine. Maybe when I'm 81, mine will be as good.
Buttercup is NOT Amused
Buttercup seems to be annoyed at the attention being paid to her and her pretty baby. She prefers anonymity. I'm the paparazzi.
Babycakes is doing well.
Our calf remains nameless. Any ideas?
Innocent Bystanders (aren't we cozy?)


  1. you should name the baby cow cutiepie. haha. I'm terrible at naming things. I used to have a cat named kitty...

    The soap and wash clothes look great. You could even "wrap" the soap in the clothes, then you have hand-made-wasteless gifts.

    The sheep are cute too by the way....(They are sheep right?

  2. whoops that was me on my other account.

  3. Q! I thought I had a new reader! You faked me out! I like your idea of wrapping the soap in the cloths; maybe with a bit of raffia tying it all up together. And yes, those two cuties are sheep. (The calf name: Cutie-pie/cow pie...hahahaha!)