Sunday, September 27, 2009

On Sundays I Cook.

Mozzarella, Butter and Buttermilk
Apples: dried apple slices, schnitz, Waldorf salad from the ends, Waldorf salad with tuna.
Raw cow's milk: butter (buttermilk), large ball of mozzarella
Raw goat's milk: chevre, yogurt
Dried beans: big pot of ham and bean soup with the trimmings for the Caring Place, extras for friends, freezer, and lunch yesterday; pickled bean salad. It's going to be a beany week here.
Tomatoes: (frozen plums from this summer) confit. We're addicted. And darn, it goes great with chevre, on flatbreads. That's what we had for breakfast today.
Rhubarb, strawberries and ground cherries: smooshy pie that is now officially "crumble". What the heck, it may look funny, but it still tastes great!
Note: I compost all of the leftover bits; it's amazing, but I have religiously done that all summer, and it simply disappears. My composter is only half full, and I have been diligent about composting! That soil is going to be chock-full-o nutrients. I discovered that the document shredder does a great job on brown or unprinted paper for the compost. Shredded a bunch of brown butcher paper today, and tossed it with the tomato and apple skins. Next year, my garden is going to ROCK.


  1. What kind of shredder do you use? I always use a cross cut shredder for shredding but does it cut the paper too small for it to be beneficial to the compost pile?

  2. Yes, it's a cross cut shredder...and since the paper is going to decompose anyway, I'd assume the smaller the better!