Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grow Your Own...Dinner

I had no plans for dinner tonight, but after I milked, I checked the garden, and it yielded three small eggplants. That equals eggplant parm, in my book. I topped them with sliced home-grown tomatoes, Parmesan-reggiano cheese and garden basil, then heated up a pint of homemade sausage and kale soup as a side. I have a stockpile of frozen soups.
My home garden yielded rhubarb yesterday, which I knew I had to process or lose, so I chopped it while the eggplant cooked. I had every intention of freezing it for winter,but...
Leftover eggplant breading supplies (egg-milk and flour, not breadcrumbs) = crepes. Hey! I have leftover strawberries in the fridge!
Rhubarb and strawberry sauce.
Crepes stuffed with rhubarb sauce, topped with homemade peach ice-cream and a drizzle of sauce.
I should fail to plan dinner more often! There's nothing like growing your own!


  1. Mmmm, yes! Sweet and tart, with that little spring the eggs and flour give you. So much better than dumping it in the trash!