Sunday, September 27, 2009

Homespun Harvest Garland

Homespun Harvest Garland
This is about the easiest project I ever made. Simply tear 1/4 yard sections of homespun into 1" strips, then knot them onto a wire (twist hanging loops onto the ends). As you're going. add whatever else you want: I used a kabob skewer to drill holes into three mini pumpkins and strung them on in even intervals. If you don't have homespun, use flannel. Both are woven through so you don't have an unprinted side of the cloth showing. Dangle an ornament, or don't; it's pretty either way. Mine is a hand stitched black cat on felt. Done.
You could adapt the colors and accessories for a pretty Christmas garland...a quick and impressive gift, if you're doing a handmade holiday ala Crunchy Chicken's "Buy Hand"challenge!

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