Monday, September 14, 2009

Afternoon in Saylorsburg

Yes, she has ears.
On Mondays, I scurry from my school to my daughter's home, ~ 30 minutes away. I meet the boys as they come home from school, and make them dinner. I'm building karma in case my daughter will have to tend to me someday :).
This is Pepper, my Grand-dog. She's very loyal, very sweet, and very annoying like most dogs. She is my very, very best friend when I visit my daughter et al in Saylorsburg. Dogs are evangelists. They want to convert you to the canine cause. Although I like Pepper, I have to admit I'm a feline compatriot. I'm also a Unitarian; I acknowledge the dignity of all (species) and faiths. So Dogs AND Cats are cool.
Bas relief demo in my studio class today. Subject matter is obvious.
The beginnings of the new drawing; it feels so good to draw. Though I'm in a goaty rut, Miss Faith is a perfect model. At Megan's place, we have a routine. The boys come home, have a snack, do homework, then go out to play. I make dinner, help with homework, then do my own homework. I had two 10 year old boys cheering me on today. NICE!!!!

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