Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Most Sunday mornings, I wake up at the usual time or just a little later, which is coincidentally EXACTLY the time "Gardening by the Yard" is scheduled on HGTV. I enjoy that program; it's the only one that I actually plan to watch. Today, since it is raining and the sun isn't blasting me in the eye, I watched it in the second-floor sun room, an extension we added about 4 years ago. You may recall my gloating about the cast and welded metal plant tree I found at a thrift store for $2.92? Here it is, filled with "rescue" orchids. Score!
My house is in Allentown, PA. The view from the new back deck was of the back of an apartment house. I added a wisteria vine a few years ago, and now I have privacy. I could ALMOST sunbathe out there now...and I get to see all of that glorious green. Volunteering at the farm has been a great addition to my life in so many ways, but I like to bring some life into my home, as well.
The room is on what used to be a tin roof over my pantry and back porch. The deck extends beyond it. Just enough to get some much needed sunlight. The orchids love it, and last year I started most of my garden seeds here too. By the way, the orchids are Home Depot's or non-bloomers, brought home and tended; they blossom once a year. I got them for 2 or 3 dollars each. In the window are colored discs of glass harvested from the bottom of wine bottles, whih I melted in the glass kiln. They keep the birds from flying into the windows. I had to pick up a dazed dove or two last spring, and one or two poor little sparrows were kamikaze warriors and didn't make it.
The old wall and window frame. We hang handmade blown glass balls and a stained glass window for color. The room I use as a studio is just beyond.
The old door frame, with a Balinese carving protecting the house from , well, whatever. It's just a pretty thing. I painted the dividing wall to look like bamboo; more happy green! I need it in the winter months. Sunday Mornings are the best, especially lazy, rainy ones!

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