Friday, September 25, 2009

Louie's Prayers

A Better Mousetrap!
Every evening when I milk, I'm entertained by the occasional mouse that runs under the floor joists. The herd is housed in stalls on the ground level; above it, hay and grain in the main barn. The mice try to dodge the cats long enough for a meal, which is when they often BECOME a meal. Apparently, I'm not the only one that has noticed them! This little kitty is parked on what I have been calling the "Mouse Highway" in my imagination for the past 9 months. Now THAT'S an obstruction!
Our buckling finds a new herd.
The little fellow in the background was born in March or April, and is beginning to look rather, ummmm, grown up. Pendulous. Adult. Rather than risk unwanted attentions toward our herd of little doeling ladies(most of them half-sisters), the Little Prince was relocated today. You had to be there; Kathy carried the front end, and I carried the back end, as the little guy refused to go on his own. First, we schlepped him to the billy-goat pen (think west), hoping to introduce him to his Daddy and Uncle Erv. Well, let's just say that it didn't go too well. Daddy liked him a little TOO much, if you get my drift. We assume that the does are coming into heat, and the little guy has been living with them, so he probably smells like eau d'doe to the eau-so-willing bucks. We pulled him out of the pen before he was violated, and co-carried him to the duck pen (think central)...then decided to try him with Louie and the sheep instead (think east). Feed a cold, starve a fever, wash a cow, carry a goat...Life on the farm.
Louie shows the Little Prince a thing or two.
Though Louie has a great big, scary set of horns, he's a wether, and a really nice guy. We're hoping he gets the little fellow smelling a bit more manly, so we can try him with the bucks again sometime soon. In the mean time, Louie and the Little Prince are the leaders of the flock..ummm...herd. Our little boy is growing up.
Louie prays the kid will grow up soon.

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