Thursday, September 10, 2009

Knee Deep

Vigilant, Voluptuous Mama with Reclining Aunties
Our baby is growing stronger and more capable every day! She frolics like the goat kids did when they became sure on their feet; the sheer joy of being alive is so evident in these young, freshly minted creatures. It makes me smile.
Knee injuries DON'T make me smile. Notes to self: 1) Don't carry any more calves across the field without a wheelbarrow. 2) Wear real shoes in the barn and to school, not sandals. 3) Ask for help moving 60 lb. boxes of clay etc. when unpacking supplies. I blew out my knee. I'm in an ibuprofen fog, so please forgive my absence lately. I'll be seeing my osteopath tomorrow, as I've nearly had to cry each night this week when I finally came home. Dang.
On a happier note, I DID spend my early evening with my pretty girls (goaties), and I AM working on a drawing of two of them whenever I get a chance. I don't find much time during the day, as my goal at school this year is to run a more organized "ship", and that requires rules and vigilance, for both my students and myself. I do get a moment or two in the morning before my first class, a bit of time during lunch, then maybe some time after school, if no one needs my help. And tonight, I've brought my drawing home! If I can stay awake despite the ibuprofen, I'll draw. I'll show you later. It feels so good to draw seriously again!
Each evening, I milk 15 goats, and tend to the growers (pregnant does) and kids. I do this as a volunteer/room-and-board payment for my pretty girl, Faith. The whole process takes about 90 minutes if I'm steady, or longer if I dally (which I love to do). The does are so funny and expressive! I try to catch their moods in photos, but it's so difficult to show the averted eye or the grasping lips, the coy pose or the head-butting power-play. They're so dynamic. I'll try to draw it; but I think you need to know their language. I speak it. Do any of you?

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