Sunday, September 13, 2009


Meanwhile, back on the farm...Buttercup and her 2 week old baby enjoying the afternoon sun. Thank goodness the rain stopped! I learned how to trim the goats' hooves today, and also learned that left unattended in this exceptionally wet weather, they can develop foot rot. Luckily, Kathy has been vigilant, and our girls are nicely trimmed.
Mother and daughter are doing well. Buttercup is a great mother; this is the cleanest calf in Pennsylvania. ---------------------------------
As usual, I spent the majority of my day cooking for the week. I roasted a turkey breast that was sent over by The Caring Place , and made a big pot of soup from that; shepherd's pie from the leftover veggies and some chopped turkey and potatoes, and chicken-sausage stuffed mini-sweet peppers. Milking came next, and now we're back home warming up the shepherd's pie for dinner. Unfortunately, it's 7:47 PM and I still have a bushel of plum tomatoes and a half bushel of cutting tomatoes to deal with. I suspect they may have to wait. This torn knee is really putting a cramp in my style...literally.


  1. I must say. You are a domestic dominater(I know that's not a real word, but it means exactly what I want it to).

    You're always cooking, and doing a million things with goats, and posting about art, and (seems like) doing art, AND TAKING PICTURES OF IT ALL!

    You are a little bit amazing.

    Keep posting pictures of the baby, it's cute!

  2. Hey, thanks, Q! I just carry my camera in my pocket, and do what I do. You may notice that cleaning isn't listed among my activities...;) I'm a domestic dropout, really.

  3. cleaning isn't one of the important ones. Food and fun my friend, food and fun!