Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cool Weather Changes

A Warm, Fuzzy Nose
Do you feel it coming? There was a strong wind tonight, and I swear winter was riding on its coat-tails. Change is in the air, and it's as palpable as the changing angle of the afternoon light. I feel it in my choices: I want potatoes instead of salad. I want soup and bread. I want to work with wool, and roving. I'm gathering my herbs and trimming my tender plants to bring in for winter.
The goats feel it, too. They have been ravenous lately. And they have been aggressive with each other, which makes me think they're coming into season. They call for the bucks, and considering the near rape that occurred when we brought the buckling kid to them a few days ago, I'd say the bucks are ready, too. It's in the air; get ready for the long haul. Fatten up. Nest. We all want to.
Do you think our holidays are instinctual? Thanksgiving, to fatten up before the cold of winter, Christmas to give us hope from the depths of icy despair? There have always been celebrations that mark the seasons, and whether you want to admit it or not, we are creatures of this earth, just like any other. The historical dates of religious holidays have been changed to accommodate these needs...you can research it, if you like, and I'm not denigrating the significance of the events we observe...but the seasons are significant as well. We feel them in our bones. Just like the goats...and the crows...it's time to fatten up, and look to home. And have faith that spring will come again.

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