Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beginning the Harvest

I have to say that the harvest (in my gardens, at least) has been ongoing, as I rotated crops. What I'm referring to here. is the clothing I will move as the new cooler season approaches. There will be the usual donation to Family Services (those things that are still serviceable, but I've changed sizes), and those things that I will repurpose. Today, I harvested a yard or two of pretty yellow fabric from a shirt that was relatively new, but was torn in the goat barn. The "harvest" yielded three handkerchiefs, 8 buttons, a bundle of clipped-seam tie backs for next year's garden, and about 1/2 yard of fabric for my bird mobile project. The picture above is from that site. Mine will take awhile. I'm planning on doing it according to the color wheel, for my classroom, all from recycled cloth.
I remember the hankies my mother used to embroider. She'd magically turn up with these things; I have no idea when she made them, at least during my childhood. My mother was a German immigrant; a very good housekeeper and didn't drive in those days, but had a great deal of energy. She crocheted. She cleaned. She went to church. She still crochets, but now, at 81, she drives and has lots of friends and social involvements. Here's to aging gracefully! Go Mom! I'll see if I can crochet a bit myself. I'll show you, if I can.

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