Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yum...Fresh Foods Success.

So here's how I used the foods you saw in the previous entry: I sauteed the kale with a bit of onion and frozen sweet pepper from last year's garden. At the last moment, I added some Fresh Sprouts shiitake mushrooms, cut in skinny ribbons. I added some slices of boiled (but firm) sweet potatoes, then seasoned with salt and pepper. I had a few sweet potatoes on the side as well. Just because they're pretty.
I quick-sauteed some chip steak in olive oil. I used an herb mixture intended for dipping oil to season the meat; you could use something like that, or just salt and pepper. Use what you like. Keep the meat medium rare or it will get tough. Wrap the vegetable mixture in the chip steak. Add a sliver of Pure Sprouts organic cheddar cheese. Heaven.
The side salad is a mixture of homegrown lettuce, raab, par-cel and ( can swoon now), BASIL. Basil is a gift from the gods. Basil is heavenly. I love fresh basil. I added my sprout mixture and a few slices of radish as a garnish, dressed it with balsamic vinegar, and we were good to go. Oh, and I added the rest of the fabulous fresh shiitake to the top. Very, very good stuff. Add a few years to your life-good.
Each time I use a freshly harvested vegetable for a meal, I find myself so grateful for the energy it gives me. I say my own sort of "grace"; thanks for the gift of life, the gift of energy, the miracle of growth and assimilation. And I feel better for the appreciation. Savoring your food, your world, makes it that much better. Life's good; we're blessed.

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