Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's how it's been lately: one minute, the girls are calmly chewing their cuds, gossipping about the younger does, complaining about the noisy new kids and the buck that got them in this situation. The next minute, all hell breaks loose. This is "Guernica", by Pablo Picasso. Do you see that anguished horse in the middle of the painting? That could have been Pebbles. I was in the barn for a good hour, feeding, watering, checking udders, checking , checking, checking...walk away one minute, and I get called back to...GUERNICA. Pebbles was on her side with human attendants; human and goat hearts were racing, Pebbles was yelling, phone calls were being made. Cory located the front hooves and the little nose, so her kid was all lined up for his big dive...but that boy had ONE BIG HEAD. Poor Pebbles needed a little assistance, and assist we did.
And in about 10 minutes, we were rewarded with this big boy. He looks like he's a week old. And she looked like she was carrying triplets!(UPDATE:::SHE WAS!) After his head passed, it took one more contraction to push him into the world, with Cory clearing the way and me pulling (just a little bit). We cleared the mucous from his mouth, opened his airway, and just as I was getting ready to give him a breath, he took one on his own. The people in the barn cheered! Baby boy, born to Pebbles! YAY! He was on his feet in 5 minutes. He'll be reading and writing in an hour or two.
You know, if MY labor had lasted 10 minutes, and if I had delivered a kid who could stand up and go for her own dinner 10 minutes after being born, and if I had gotten applause upon delivery, my daughter might have had siblings. But I digress. He is awfully cute, isn't he? He joins the herd of his half-siblings. Check out some of the cuties we delivered this week, below; they look like their daddy, Elvis. I'll post a picture of him next, to remind you. He's pretty foxy. And he was pretty busy, apparently! What a stud.
That little guy in front with the lop ears just steals my heart. If I didn't live in a city, he'd be my house-goat. Darn city. They should just take a look at these sweethearts! They'd change their minds! And goats are so much tidier than dogs. God, I love my life right now; I'm so lucky to be a part of all this. Thank you, Kathy! Thank you, Nature! Thank you, Spring!

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