Monday, March 8, 2010

A Road Less Traveled (by Me)

I had an unexpected hour to myself this afternoon. On the way to my daughter's place where I pick up my grandsons every Monday afternoon, I took a short detour. It was a beautiful, early spring day. I wanted the sun. I enjoy taking a new road, finding a new place. It's a mini-adventure.
On one single road, I found a winery (Cherry Valley), an apiary, a wonderful twin-lake stable complete with swans, and a trout hatchery. A trout hatchery. Isn't that "farmed fish"? As in antibiotics, overcrowding, etc.?
They sure looked like happy fish to me. Pretty fish.
HUNGRY fish! The owner didn't mind me snooping around. He said his family had been there for 56 years. Up the road, the twin lakes are still mostly frozen...
Though the swans have found a bit of thawed space. They were feeding on something tasty underneath the surface. I was reminded that swans mate for life. These two have a private piece of heaven.
So...back to the farmed fish. Do you suppose the fish farmer eats his own fish? Do you think he sells them to his friends? I should have asked him all the things on my mind as I was snapping pictures, but all I could think of was how much my grandsons would enjoy seeing the fish up close. Inquiring minds, you know. Perhaps I need to ask a few more questions before I take them, so I'll have a few more answers.
After all, these guys are the future.

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