Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goat Love

My good Farm Friend (and co goat-midwife) Amy is a new convert to the Flint Hill Farm School of Goat Love. She brought up the subject today. I believe the quote was "Everyone should spend an afternoon with the goats. Then they'd understand...there's goat love like there's dog love, and horse love like cat love." Well, I sure do believe in goat love, but if you ever asked a goat to sit or beg, they'd laugh at you. Or to stay? Never in a million years. But goats definitely love people they know, in their own goaty way. Take these goats below, for instance. Elvis, in the middle with the handsome hairdo, was visiting his ladies last summer. You see how they love to visit with friends? Unfortunately, this group was more interested in visiting than in working on this year's new kids. These girls seem to have taken the year off. The next group, however, later in the summer (August) got busy when they had a visit from George. George was way stinkier than Elvis; goat girls like that in a guy. Well, most goat girls. Faith, below, seems to have taken the year off as well. ("Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!")
The bigger goats were more successful at buddying up with George than the little girls; it may be wise to schedule two or more group visits next season, based upon the size of the does, so everyone gets some loving. Even though several of them don't seem to be pregnant, I haven't given up hope yet. The main birthing wave is certainly over, which may actually be a good thing; you should see the shenanigans those frisky kids are up to now! The barn has once again become a playground, with the momma goats functioning as jungle gyms and sliding boards. I'll post some new pictures of the little cuties tomorrow. In the mean time, I'd like to leave you with this:
A vision of things to come. From your friendly Caprine Lactation Specialist to you, with "Goat Love" (Thanks, Amy!)

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