Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Cookin'

I have to say that my leftovers are looking better since I started buying organic vegetables at Pure Sprouts. There are a few things that contribute to the change: I don't want to waste such good food, I know it's nutritious, so I'm not adding unhealthy ingredients, and I'm thinking more and more about the quality of food I eat these days. Having arrived at a point in my life when I burn less than ever before, even when I'm working hard, I feel strongly about monitoring the quality of the food I choose, rather than the quantity.
Here's a quick pan of greens and beans I threw together because I had some wilting kale in the crisper. I sauteed the sweet onion and garlic first, then added the chopped kale. I sauteed it all until it was just tender, then added a can of kidney beans. I heated it through, then seasoned with red pepper flakes, black pepper and kosher salt. I dug in the crisper a little more and found a few sun-chokes, which I sliced and just barely cooked, like water chestnuts (for the crunch). I have to tell you...this was the best "slap it together leftover stew" I've ever made.
We're already harvesting micro greens from the started seeds upstairs. What I have below is a bunch of mixed greens including broccoli raab, mixed lettuces and par-cel. As I thin the starts, we eat it. Yum! There's nothing quite so good and tender as the first fresh greens of the season.
I just had to add this last picture, though the sweet potatoes aren't organic; they're from a bag-lot from Elias that I got a few days ago. The potatoes needed trimming before I pre-cooked them for the freezer. Looks like they were happy to be here. And I "yam" happy to have them.

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