Friday, March 12, 2010

The Lower 40

Do you see that yard? That's my home farm. It's about the length and width of a small car. We have a little space in the side and in front as well. I DO have a community garden plot at Flint Hill (Thank God!). You can see why I added the sunroom and deck; I needed the light. NEEDED IT, I TELL YOU! In my little garden, I have grown many things. I have perennial rhubarb, hens and chicks, dandelion, sweet woodruff, primrose, thyme, strawberries, parsley, bee balm, butterfly bush, trumpet flower, wisteria, mint tea, lemon balm, wild plantain, hosta, lavender, roses, lilies...the list of perennials goes on. What I'm starting this week are the annual crops in my little "urban farm".
This old wheel-barrow, which I rescued from the curbside, will house kale this year. I planted it yesterday, and it's raining this weekend. GREAT timing. That's an old window on top, making it into a cold-frame.
Right next to the steps, in the barrel that will hold my cherry tomatoes, I've planted mesclun. Yummy salad lettuce. Soon. I'm already harvesting from the indoors containers.
Broccoli Raab...oh WILL be mine. (I'm eating early small plants for greens already).
And here, where they'll be able to climb and taste the mid-day sun...snow peas. I love snow peas. There are three chrysanthemums in this bin from last fall. I'm thinking I'll fill it with edible flowers after the peas. My rhubarb lives directly in front, with mint and rose-of Sharon on the right, and hosta on the left. A trumpet vine cut from a close friend's garden twines out the rear-right. Just wait, spring will soften the hard edges, and fill in the spaces. And it will be beautiful.

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