Thursday, March 18, 2010

Four in One, with a Dozen or so Holding.

Is there anything more beautiful than this? Could there be? A perfect, safe and easy birth, two vital, lively little doelings, an attentive mama...and life goes on. I melted when I saw them. Moments later, their male counterparts: two perfect little boys that will grow to be herd-building bucks. Don't they look like tough little guys?
Both mamas and their kids. Claiming turf. Reminds me of West Side Story.
Seriously, this is the best and most passionate time of year. Can't you feel it? The sun on your back, the quickening of pulses, the promise of new life... Babies are being born, and things are stirring underground. Our minds and bodies are shaking off the winter sleep and waking to the new spring sun. We drink the air like a fresh spring tonic. So do these goaty girls, with their new broods and their first tastes of spring paddock. Life is Good.

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