Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome Spring! Welcome New Kids!

Whether or not the calendar confirms it, spring has arrived at the farm! Our first kid was born today. She was immediately named Oreo by an enthusiastic young helper (pictured below). What a joy a new baby is! It's such a miracle; the birth, the instinctive bonding of the mother to the child, the strength and agility of the infant so soon after it's born. I never tire of the magic of a newly born creature. How beautiful new life is! As beautiful as this baby is, she comes with some sorrow as well. She is the only surviving kid of triplets. When the folks at the farm found her, her two earlier siblings had already passed. She was the last to be born, and with a little encouragement, got right up and nursed. She's a triple miracle.
Momma needs to teach her that lunch comes from the other end. But she has the right idea.

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