Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Week On-Hand Pantry Raid

Having Fun With Compost
I have been reading some frugal/green/environmentally aware blogs (as is my passion), and have noticed a post-holiday trend. We're paring down. We're using up. We're emptying our larders for the impending spring, while we hunker down in our caves. It's winter. Time to cuddle up and enjoy the hard work of summer.
With this in mind, and with a lean checking account due to a number of circumstances , I'm going to try to live from the fat of my pantry and household accumulations this week. One week. We'll see how it goes. I'm talking about all of my needs: food, entertainment, creative endeavors. I do reserve the right to buy cat food and gasoline if necessary, and I won't impose my constraints upon my husband's various needs (though I'll suggest compliance...but it's ultimately up to him). This is MY experiment. One more thing: I'm going to use one frozen item each day as a part of our daily meal.
How creative, well-fed and giving could you be if you didn't buy any more supplies for a week? I think I've become unnecessarily addicted to "the hunt", as much as the activity that follows it (food shopping, shopping for art supplies, thrift shopping...). Bad. A shift is necessary. We'll see how I do. Let me know if you're interested in joining me.

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