Friday, January 1, 2010


Peter, Rebecca and Kathy after dinner, New Year's Day
Boeuf A La Bourguignonne (thank you Julia Child)
Are you making New Year's resolutions this year? I propose we do it here, for the world to see...which will require some good thinking. I'm going to try it tonight, during a little dinner party I'm throwing, when I'll update this blog with pictures and a list. You're welcome to join the cyber-party and add your resolutions to the list. I'll check in occasionally to see how you're doing. Put your thinking caps on! I'll start: MY Resolutions:
  1. I am going to sort/organize/ donate/discard the contents of the equivalent of at least one box of “stuff” a day until the upper levels of the house are in order.
  2. I’m going to begin the task of formalizing my masters degree so I can retire at a decent pay scale in a few years.
  3. I’m going to learn how to make better home-brewed wine and better home made cheese.
  4. I’m going to continue to watch my food and drink consumption so I can get my cholesterol and triglycerides in order (and lose weight doing it).
  5. I’m going to grow my garden with a better eye on freezing and preserving for the winter.

Peter's Resolutions/Goals:

  1. He's going to stay in the financial "black".
  2. Clean the basement (this is NO SMALL TASK), and inventory items for Craig's list.
  3. Invest 1/2 hour 2 - 3 times a week archiving his father's artwork (Pierre Bourdelle).
  4. Work on the kitchen counters
  5. Fix the Flint Hill generator
  6. Sell the Chevy truck.
  7. Lose 20 pounds.

WooHoo! We're going to be fit as a fiddle!

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