Friday, January 29, 2010

Rushing the Season

I know it's early. I had to do it.
What can I say? I needed the green(s). Johnny's ROCKS.
And last year's Rosemary is holding her own. This plant is about 2 feet high, and has been regularly clipped for culinary use. FYI: Rosemary likes water; she doesn't like to get too dry. Temperature (above freezing) doesn't seem to be too much of an issue. All of the plants you see here are being grown in a 4-seasons sun room addition that we added to our second floor a few years ago. When I gave up my house to live with Peter, I decided his house needed a little light. I was right. I love this room, especially in the winter, when I'm starving for sunlight. I seem to spend my weekends up there. It's small (10 X 16)...but mighty. The attached deck (8 X 16) isn't quite as functional this time of year, but I'll be growing purple spuds out there this summer! And that's where Rosemary lives when it's warm enough. I've done some container gardening out there as well; grape tomatoes did fairly well, though I have to be extra vigilant about watering. I'm going to try some reservoir planters this year. Every year is an adventure!
Coming soon : straw bale cold frame gardening! Woo Hoo!!!!!! Check out this link for an awesome photo essay on the subject.

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