Sunday, January 31, 2010

Local Candles

Melted beeswax from Flint Hill Farm's own hives; I've been making a few candles when I cook, lately. The double-boiler lives on the back burner these days. And as always, I do cook on Sundays! Today's soup was ham and bean. Almost 3 gallons of it! I also dried a batch of parsley during the day, and have some dill and celery in the drier now. A pan of sausage and fennel frittata (for the week's breakfasts) and a pan of braised cabbage, fennel and cranberries rounded out my Sunday agenda. Most of the soup will go to the kids, but half of the cabbage will go into the freezer and the other half will be dinner tomorrow night. That fennel had to be used! I'm participating in Crunchy Chicken's Food Waste Reduction Challenge. Check it out!
This wax smells just like honey. Yum! I had the molds and wicks from a project I did a few years ago. Saving supplies pays off! They're available at the farm store. Or in my living room! :) And boy, do they smell good when you burn them! There's nothing like local beeswax!

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