Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flying Purple (Potato) Eaters

It's that time again!
I started my first few seeds today: Spring Raab, Cutting Celery, Gourmet Lettuce Blend, and Upland Cress. The last two are in the containers they'll remain in (two plastic shoeboxes with drain holes drilled in their bases, nested in two others. My mom passed them on to me. I'll start using the baby plants as micro-greens, then move them outdoors when the time is right. The celery is an experiment based upon last year's insufficient crop. The raab is a new growing experience for me; I'm a big culinary fan. I'm following a starting calendar (loosely) that I found here.
Those white containers at the base of the table are the remains of a free-lance job I had with Crayola several years ago. Crayola products are certified AP non-toxic; I know, because I teach art, and read the MSDS sheets. They used to contain Crayola Model Magic, in smaller, sealed pouches. I gave up the job, but the containers remained in my closet, waiting for ....something. This year, I drilled holes in the bases of half of them, and nested them in the others. They'll be my new self-watering planters. Score one, recyclers!
Purple Potatoes
These organic purple spuds sat hidden in a bowl in my pantry. They were under a stack of recipes, happily growing sprouts. Well, now they're nestled in a nice warm bed of soil, where they can do their sprouting with gusto. I'm following the container potato instructions offered by Kate, over at Living a Frugal Life. Thanks, Kate! I hope to meet up with you at PASA!
I have one more flat to start this weekend: a combined flat of basil and parsley. Something to look forward to. I think I may need more lights! Updates to follow. Don't you just love to watch your infant garden grow?

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