Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Confess.

Newborn Penny Rug: Read On...
The next time I'll see my goatie girls will be Tuesday, as today is a non-milking day. It's also FRIGID outside, with a gusty wind and temperatures in the teens. A good day to work on those resolutions.
I have come to the conclusion that the main cause of my messy studio is the plethora of unfinished projects I accumulate during the course of a year. Here are some of the projects I found today:
  • A bag of unfinished crocheted lap blankets from last winter
  • The scarf I was crocheting from alpaca roving which I was making into yarn with a drop spindle during our strike in September. Darn. I wanted to finish that for Christmas.
  • Three felted pincushion sections I had planned to add to to make one big one. They look like little cup-cakes.
  • A bag of wire snow-flake ornaments meant for beading.
  • A box of wooden horses also intended for ornaments.
  • An old 45 record box full of pretty fabric scraps, and the pieced applique runner I was making. Unfinished, of course.
  • A woven shoulder bag full of fusible glass and mica dust that I bought a month ago to make fused beads from.
  • Six 33 records and the huge drill bit I intended to use to cut out the center labels; these were going to be coasters. I bought the drill bit in June. Dang.


I'll finish them. You bet. As soon as I finish the wool penny rug I'm working on. Don't laugh. I will. I've had that wool since last year's purse-making project (several almost finished, several sold, thank you very much), and I consider it a green obligation to use it. It came from recycled sweaters and from a student's mom. Gorgeous stuff. My tingling fingers are slowing me down a bit, but I will persevere.


I also found several jewelry pliers, some silver beads, several spools of colored wire, and three handmade journals. I'm feeling very rich today. And ever-so slightly less messy. Huzzah!


  1. ... I have a WHOLE closet full of the same projects...

    I'm sure I'll finish them one day...


  2. Hey, maybe we should switch projects just to shake it up! Just kidding....