Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two-Days After Thanksgiving Dinner

Right now, if you were sitting here beside me, you would smell the following: a nearly roasted turkey with various local root vegetables also roasting inside of it, a dish of local cauliflower with olive oil and parmesan cheese (I had to...) roasting in the toaster oven, a big pot of chicken veggie soup for the kids at The Caring Place, et al, and a recently completed puff-pastry shell for the leftover peach pie filling from (the real) Thanksgiving two days ago. Why, you ask? Because I love leftovers. You don't get them unless you cook the bird yourself, most times. So I procured myself a lovely turkey and oiled her up and threw her in the oven.
There are a few complications this Thanksgiving. I have recently been informed that my triglycerides are creeping up though my cholesterol is doing nicely, thank you. The answer to this, in my estimation, is a low carb diet. And ixnay on the ine-way (at least mostly), to allow my liver do the job it was intended to do instead of poisoning my blood with excess carbs converted to fat. So I have found myself lively and full of energy lately, trying to navigate my way around excess carbs and bad fats, without the benefit of liquid mood adjustment. It's interesting. I got a lot more done today; it was easy sitting down and noshing my nights away before. Now, I'm looking for stuff to do! Bonus! Of course, I was also looking for stuff to do at 3 AM, but that's why I have a book by the bed.
I found a morning of "things to do" at the farm today, and I suspect I'll find them again tomorrow morning. That works. Then, at home afterward, I found this post-Thanksgiving dinner to make in order to provide decent and easily accessable protein through the week (and those coveted leftovers!). Peter found a day's worth of work at the farm as well, and has just joined me for a well earned dinner. The puff-pastry and peach filling were for him. I expect him to be comatose within moments. The poor guy really worked hard today.
On Thanksgiving Night, the dinner we were treated to at my good friend El's house was wonderful, properly filling, and featured enjoyable company; better yet, no dishes! She was a gracious hostess as always, and the capon she served was excellent: moist and plentiful. I do confess to my final carb pig-out that night. It was Thanksgiving. And I will remember it fondly as I embark upon this journey. Wish me luck! Those triglycerides ARE GOING DOWN!


  1. The food sounds great.

    I hope that you kick those triglycerides in the butt. It doesn't seem like a very fun thing to deal with, I've only heard of other people trying to "eat" around them.

    I'm hungry now. time for breakfast.

  2. You crack me up, Q! Eat something nice and starchy for me! I'm having eggs and spinach. Yum!