Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello, Moon!

I have had a few good horsehair evenings lately. Here are some of my newest pieces. I enjoy how portable this work is.
Red and black horsehair, 4 strand braid
Gold-filled wires with horse charms.
Gold filled wires, brass findings, with agate teardrops Sterling silver findings with black glass drops.
4 strand braid bracelet with magnetic clasp
4 strand and 5 strand bracelets with brass findings and magnetic clasps
If you might be interested in purchasing any of these, please inquire. They all benefit Flint Hill Farm, a Non-Profit Agricultural Education Center, and as such, are tax deductable.
There's a beautiful full moon out tonight, and if goat and human behavior are any indicators, I'd say it's about reached its apex. 'Nough said. I won't go into the human aspects, but I actually had a goat grab my pigtail (I have a long braid down the back) and flip it in the air as she was leaving the milking stand tonight. No kidding (pun intended!).

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