Sunday, November 8, 2009

If I Could Talk to the Animals...

I have been enjoying reading "Mondays with Martok", a clever blog written by columnist Sue Weaver, of Hobby Farms. Martok is the name of one of Sue's goats, and through his voice, we gain all sorts of insight into the subtleties of farm life. It's very clever and informative.
As I was checking out the Hobby Farms website, I found one link to their "Say Cheese" section, where you can submit pictures of your favorite critters. If you check it out in the near future, you will see Louie (a big white wether with big pretty horns) and one of our saanen goats, next to each other on line 4 of the current page of thumbnails. I submitted one of Faith today, with her Mona Lisa smile; check back soon to see if it was accepted!
I witnessed an incredible moment yesterday at the farm. Rebecca didn't know I was watching as she stood near the stalls and talked to the horses. I heard her voice, but not the words she was saying. I watched her body language, and she was quite matter-of-fact and emphatic. I suspect (now that I think of it) that my experience may have been much like the horses', considering the inter-species language barrier and my inability to make out her words. When she finished saying what she had to say, her hands went to her hips (her back was toward me), and the horses stood for a minute, then Star, who was in the stall nearest her, began to nod his head enthusiastically. I started to laugh out loud, and blew my cover. Rebecca is our very own horse-whisperer. It was beautiful.

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