Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sheee-itake! Those are some quick mushrooms!

OH MY-COLOGY!!! Will you look at that oyster mushroom!
2 days growth? Are you kidding me?
Sheeee-itake! Those are some quick mushroom logs!
I hope the morels do as well in the spring!
Seriously, these kits are incredible. It's amazing to see the growth that ocurs in just one day.
I'm beginning to work on some of my homemade holiday gifts. A good recipe for chai showed up yesterday at "Cheap Like Me", one of my favorite blogs. I made up a batch last night, and had a cup before bed. It was heavenly! And the house smelled great when I was brewing it. So I made a few kits today, for some lucky friends this holiday season. I gussied them up a bit, and included ingredients and the directions..
Tomorrow: Ceramics with Stephanie! WooHoo!

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