Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grow 'Yer Own

I am surrounded by remarkable people. They inspire me. Kathy, who has already mastered chevre, mozzarella, fromage, etc., has begun to age her cheddars. She runs a non-profit educational center, works as an obstetric RN, teaches, administers, writes grants, and mucks stalls. She trims hooves and trains dogs and horses, disbuds calves and goats, teaches children and adults, and mothers her own flock of children and grandchildren. She drives a team of draft horses. She helps animals birth their babies (and has done the same for people, as a nurse-midwife!) She introduced me to the cheese cave today, and showed me how she's aging her cheddars. Awesome.
Stephanie creates wonderful ceramic pieces based upon nature. She's an excellent printmaker, and my partner in the goat-milk soap line. She cooks wholesome, local foods, and is a budding entrepreneur. Excellent teacher, caver, homemaker and renovator. She can do anything she sets her mind to. Awesome.
My daughter, Megan, is a fantastic cook and baker. When she's not being a domestic goddess and a fabulous friend, she drives a several-stories-tall forklift and risks her life daily for her family. She's a loving and giving mother, a sensitive and strong soul, a crafty and hard-working woman. Awesome.
Shara knows where the ramps grow, and how to identify local mushrooms. She's a self-taught and fabulous forager. Daughter of one of the most human and intelligent men I know, niece of his equally wonderful twin, daughter of the woman who really inspired me to cook, she's ...Awesome.
There are so many more, and I'm so lucky to know them.
They inspire me. I love strong, motivated people.
They give me hope.
My new adventure: Starting today, I am growing my own mushrooms. I have always wanted to try this. This is day one. I'll keep you posted. Below, you see the Pom Pom Blanc and Oyster Mushroom logs.
Shitakes...YUMMMMMMMMM The Morel bed has been sown, and will hopefully fruit in the late spring. -------------------
And my previous "Grow'yer own" home made, natural wine. First decanting: Thanksgiving. This is the white grape batch. There are some other fruits as well, but these things are meant to be dealt with slowly. It's such a gift, to live creatively, in harmony with the earth. Good karma. Wish me luck!

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