Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Deborah Butterfield Horse. ART.
Today; what can I say about today? Just this: Thank goodness for the farm. Thank you Kim, for letting me ride Apples. Thank you goats, for being funny and difficult. And thank you Kathy, for welcoming me into the fold. Thank you puppy, for being enthusiastic. Thank you rooster, for looking into my eyes and not making me scared like everyone else. Thank you cats, for purring and playing.
A difficult day, otherwise. Someday, when I'm able, I'll write a book. Or a blog. Or a telling self-epitaph.
Art chronicles the history of humanity. It is a vehicle for self-discovery and expression. It is a language and a science. It has expressed our spiritual, intellectual and emotional experiences. It is a large part of many of our souls, and all of our histories. It is not "crap". It is not a frill, or worthless. If it is, so is my life, as I have been all about art since I drew my first breath. My life is precious. So is art. Without art, our lives would be meaningless. From the religons we practice to the advertisements we see, to the video games our kids play to the patterns on our drapes; it's so intrinsic to our experience that we no longer see it. Open your eyes. Art is everything.

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