Friday, November 20, 2009


One is a cow. Two is a pair of cows. Three is a group of cows. Four is a herd of cows. Three of the four cows in this herd are related to each other.
Say "AHHHH"!
I have a standing invitation to sample smoked beef tongue with an old and earthy friend of mine, Bonnie. I typically have enjoyed organ meats, and assumed this would be similar. This woman essentially taught me to cook, and is culinarally (is that a word?) adventurous. I will be forever grateful to her for that.
Today I saw our little calf licking her mother's shoulder. Mother was in a state of bliss. I have seem mother Buttercup wash the membrane from said calf, and lick her little wet body after she began to stand; I in turn have been licked/kissed by both of these sweet cows. Buttercup's sweet summer baby outweighs me now, and has outgrown the goats she plays with. The knee I blew when I helped carry her in from the field has healed and we're all moving on. Evolving.
I won't be eating that beef tongue. Sorry, Bonnie. I'd be vegetarian if I knew my meat animals. Even though our calf is still unnamed, she's family. I'm calling her Baby-cakes in my mind. I can do without eating my friends...but those darn roosters better watch their backs. We're NOT friends. I'm thinking "soup".

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