Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Buy Nothing Fail: Thrift Store Wardrobe

It happens every year. About two weeks before I return to my teaching job each year, I realize I'm going to have to shape up my wardrobe and persona and reconform to societal standards. My ever-patient husband, who does the majority of the wash, apologized a week or two ago because he hadn't done it in awhile. My response? "So what. It's summer." And that's exactly how I feel. Add to that the goat-barn perspiration, the pervasive eau-de-cow, the grimy shorts and ruined undergarments, and I was forced...FORCED, I TELL YOU! to think about returning to a supposedly civilized environment in a week or two. Sans sandals and shorts, blue-jean free . So I'm in the process of trimming, clipping, grooming and clothing myself these last two weeks, to get myself in good (enough) show-pony shape.
So, how best to do it? I am not a fashionista. There's news! I could care less about styles or trends. I'm all about function and comfort, and minimizing certain unflattering aspects of my burgeoning middle-aged body. I have no problem wearing last year's styles if they're comfortable and durable. Some clothes have lasted decades! I applaud them! They're old friends! The answer? Kamikaze thrift store shopping! I have always been a hit and run shopper, but I decided to limit myself to thrift stores as a way of greening my yearly need. It makes total sense, in my circumstances.
There are two items I will not compromise on however, one being undergarments and the other being sensible shoes. Second hand undergarments...well, yuck if you get my drift. And shoes? Have a go-around with plantar fasciitis, and you'll understand my decision. So, after my whirlwind tops and bottoms spree today (I spent a quarter of what I usually spend, and got better names and more booty), I will only need a few more items to be ship-shape. The Hubs even scored a pair of swim trunks and a couple of Hawaiian shirts for our mini-vacation next week. The heck with fashion; no one cares once you're a "certain age" anyway (which is SO liberating!). I'm good to go. But forgive me, Crunchy, for I have spent...again. I DID circumnavigate the majority of my yearly Bon Ton debt, however, if there is any absolution to be won in compromise.
I think I did allright.


  1. Gotta love thrift store shopping!! It's my absolute favorite way to spiff up my wardrobe and I feel so virtuously green and frugal as I do it.