Monday, August 17, 2009

Going Down the Shore

Asbury Park from Ocean Grove
Today will be a flurry of activity, all in preparation for tomorrow's escape. We'll be off to Ocean Grove for a mini-vacation. I'll take a few pictures while I'm there, but for a very good sampling of the local attractions, check out this link:, then click on the "Little Views" link. You'll find a current and well-illustrated collection of both Ocean Grove and Asbury Park hot spots.
The thing I find most interesting about the "Twin Cities" is their incongruity. Ocean Grove is a beautiful, historical town, complete with restored Victorian architecture and an old-time Methodist tent village. Most of the homes have been converted to upscale beach houses. Ocean Grove is quiet, quaint, and dry. Asbury Park, on the other hand, just a short walk north on the little boardwalk they share, is not dry, and looked like a war zone until a few years ago. It's currently enjoying a Renaissance, and now boasts a lovely little beach, several terrific restaurants, and a water park for the kids. A block or two off the beach, you can shop for antiques or enjoy a cocktail, eat sushi or look at fine arts and crafts. It's still fairly quiet as beach towns go, though if you look hard enough you just might find some mid-week fireworks, farmers' markets or the occasional drag show.
So, my favorite beach area has something for everyone. I like the quiet town, but close access to good food and shopping; the uncrowded beaches and beautiful architecture. I can't wait to go!
See you on Thursday!

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