Monday, August 24, 2009

Imaginary Dinner Party

So You Are having a Dinner Party? I lifted this from Farmer's Daughter who lifted it from Rob's World, and since I'm really distracted today, I thought I'd have a little fun with it. Here goes!
1. You are having a dinner party, and you can invite any 4 couples- who do you invite? I'm assuming this guarantees that your invitees will accept! If that's the case, I'd invite:
Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed; they'd have great stories to tell, and she's my favorite ever recording/performance artist.
El and Brody-Boy Warner (Synthetic Culture). No one said the couples had to be single-species exclusive. And El would be really mad if I had Laurie Anderson here and didn't invite her. I'd also expect the same from her. My friends Ron and Chuck; they'd enjoy the company, and I owe them about a million social invitations. And Ron is always the life of the party.


Sandy and Bob Wood: Writers, artists, soul-mother and her spouse. They'd be a perfect match for this group. It would be a fusing of minds and talents.


*QUESTION: Do I get to choose WHERE I have the dinner party???


2. What do you serve?

*A platter of artisanal world cheeses and flat breads, grapes and apples

*Baked brie with honey and almonds

* A variety of wines and beers

*Local corn and vegetable salad, salsa verde and home made sour-dough flat breads, tomato confit

*Grilled tuna steaks (rare) with wasabi dressing, wild rice and roasted new potatoes


3. What Wine do you serve?

* I'd ask the dealer for something special and back it up with a box or two of cheap stuff for the party after the party.


4. What's for dessert?

Creme brulee with fresh berries, home-made ice-cream. Coffee and/or espresso. More wine.

Your Turn!