Friday, August 21, 2009

Back Again

Preface: Started the truck to go milk goats, home 4 hours. Cracked radiator. Damaged serpentine belt. New hoses. $800.00. Day after vacation? Priceless. Summer is all over.... Okay, so it wasn't the best way to start the school year, but it was most likely the best of circumstances if it really had to happen (as things do). Had it happened the day before we left, I would have cancelled, damaged trust, set myself up for an even-worse start of the school year (we have no contract and I am prone to anxiety attacks). YAY! It waited! Peter saved me as usual, and hauled me around this morning while my poor truck was in the O.R. The goaties were happy to see me, and I came home to work on the tomatoes and corn that we brought home from Phillipsburg (just 25 miles away but a world better). Jersey IS the garden state! I'm making a raw corn salad, tomato confit, collard greens and beans (white), and sour-dough flat breads that I'll wangle into fajitas. The farm folks are due this evening, and one is vegetarian. I'll serve bacon as a condiment. Right now, I'm going to sleep a bit, perchance to dream a bit. Overload.

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  1. Update: Blown headgaskets and possible cracked cylinder = replacement car hunting.