Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dog Days?

Whoever named them "dog days"?
92 degrees and the farm cats are loving it.
Despite the awful tomato blight that has plagued our soggy east coast gardens, I am inundated with vegetables. The tomatoes are dropping from the vines, green and rotten, but there are still enough, since I started so many plants. Apart from a rotten zucchini vine, everything else did quite well with the extra moisture, and zucchini can always be had. Interestingly enough, my heirloom vegetables were the most successful; the dark little heirloom plums and the white and yellow heirloom squash are all happy. I have adequate peppers and eggplant, basil enough for us and our friends, kale and collards to give away. The tomatoes were disappointing, as this was the first year I started my own, but I'll try again next year, and hope the weather is more willing.
On Tuesday, I am dragging Peter away for two days. I'm going to insist he dips his feet in the ocean and puts away his smart phone. I'm going to encourage him to read and sleep and walk. We'll be going to the same beach house I visited with El a few weeks ago. No TV, no WiFi. It'll do his soul good.

There is a minor complication. Vegetables. I have a world of vegetables to eat, process or give away between now and Tuesday morning. Veggie pizza and a mushroom and squash saute tonight; I also made a big pot of ratatouille to freeze, and roasted 6 red peppers to make red pepper pesto with. I'll try to freeze them once I slip off the skins, so I can do that when we return. I'll give away the ripest tomatoes and cucumbers, and refrigerate the squash. the corn can go to the Caring Place when I drop off this week's soup. Etc. Abundance can be exhausting.

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