Monday, August 10, 2009

Of Cabbages and Kings

I just stopped following a blog because of a sentence that bothered me: "New Age, Buddhist or other Cult philosophies will *NOT* be welcome here."
When did Buddhism (which began in 580 BCE!) become a cult? And why are some people so intolerant of others? How can we be so culturally ignorant? As an artist, teacher and lover of diversity in all things, I truly have problems with this sort of thinking. While it may be prudent to warn off the poor Buddhists and New-Agey spiritual seekers from potential shunning and dogmatic aggression, I find it difficult to understand the real reasons behind such divisiveness.
But I digress. Please forgive my rant; today's post was just supposed to be about composting, little boys and the wheel of life, not exclusionism and cultural ignorance. My bad.
On a lighter note, I'm happy to report that my grandsons, who I assumed would be new to the magic of composting, are way ahead of me. I handed the 10 year old the trowel, and opened the bottom chute, and his comment was "Yup, it turns into dirt. Hey, you have worms!" Then, pointing to the planter beside it: "May I eat that tomato?" My daughter is doing a good job with them. The little guy just carried the soup jars to the truck so we could go see Miss Vicky at The Caring Place. He likes Miss Vicky. They met Earl today, too. They were very curious about his life, and very grateful for their own lives and circumstances when we returned home. Good boys.
P.S.: Check out the following blog (Frugal and Urban's timely post today!) for some helpful meditation techniques based upon Buddhist principles:


  1. I just finished the story about earl. It's touching.