Sunday, August 2, 2009

On Sundays, I Cook

You're going to love this one: Frozen Yogurt with Honey and Mint I didn't take a picture because it began to melt too quickly, but here's a link to the recipe: I used raw cow-milk yogurt, local honey and mint from my back yard; the only non-local product I used was one store-bought lemon (home-grown lemons being scarce in Pennsylvania). You'd think the yogurt would taste too sour with only honey added, but it is such a perfect combination! And healthy to boot! Try it! Yum! The soup for the week is a sausage/potato/kale/corn concoction; I supply a gallon each week to The Caring Place:, and take a thermos full to Earl, under the bridge:,0,3330983.story . I like to do this. I've always cooked too much for my small family, and it occurred to me that this compulsion to cook might have a healthy application. So, rather than give up a lifetime activity that gave me such pleasure, I was moved to use my impractical overindulgence this way. It feels right. We should listen when we're called, follow our bliss. Self actualization doesn't have to be selfish. My other culinary escapades today were sourdough flat breads from my pet culture (Fred, who I keep growing in a jar in the fridge) and a crock-pot full of pulled pork for sandwiches tonight and tomorrow. Peter is working on one of his many projects, so he's been pretty absent all weekend. Crock pots are one way to feed an absent husband without having to go to extra trouble. Nothing too exciting, but everything is as local and natural as I can make it, with the pork coming from the farm, and the veggies in everything from my garden or a local farmer. Summer rocks.

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