Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day / Anniversary

OK, it's sappy. But it's the truth: it's our anniversary. Everyone should be able to celebrate anniversaries. I spent the morning cooking. Nothing new there. Heart shaped omelets were new, though they were a small part of the morning's cooking. The 4 cards that Peter gave me with sweet messages were new. The wine setup he bought for our home brewing hobby was new. The regular kitchen activities, however, were decidedly commonplace. So was Peter's morning nap on the couch, under the crazy quilt. Comfortable. Just like the smell of beef barley soup. We shook things up at about noon, when we headed for Easton.
This is the view from the end of Julia's street. She had offered us her vintage gas range, and we went to take a look at it. It was sweet: stovetop griddle, rotisserie, ample surface space; too ample, in fact. It won't fit, so we had to turn it down. But Easton was beautiful in the clear light. I miss the river, MY river. I knew every inch of the Lehigh throughout the length of Easton, and I've paddled every inch from the headwaters to the Delaware. I learned how to paddle there in Easton, when I wasn't being taught on more active water up north. Pretty bridge, isn't it? There are more.
After Easton, we went to the Sands casino in Bethlehem. It was a lark...a day of play. We were determined to quit when we were ahead, and we did. We left about $100 ahead of when we arrived, after playing for a couple of hours and having two glasses of wine and lunch. Just so you know: the music there was hypnotic. SCARY hypnotic. The place was beautiful, with an industrial theme and hanging bars of light, but I'd love to see a study of the effect of that music on the patron's inhibitions and ability to think rationally. At any rate, I cut myself off when I began to lose, and Peter followed suit. We ate lunch (I indulged in carbs: pizza), then left for the farm.
I've been missing my girls, and apparently they have been missing me too. I got lots of velvety goat kisses. I got dog kisses, cat kisses, and people kisses. It was a pretty wonderful day.

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