Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day!

I'm a 52 year old kid when it comes to snow days. You would be too, if you were a teacher! If you don't get a call the night before (and that rarely happens), you wake up full of expectation in the morning. There's a routine to it: wait for the call, check the weather station, listen to the radio, check the web-site...and then, the moment arrives, and you breathe a sigh of relief: SNOW DAY! Now, this is where the child in me retreats and the adult in me comes out to play. My shoulders relax, I find a warm robe, I put on my favorite socks, and I either grab a few more winks or start my leisurely day. Heaven!
This one started with tea. I'm learning so much about herbs that I can't help experimenting. Today's blend was chamomile, white willow, mint, feverfew and rosemary. I also cut a lemon into the teapot. I have the beginning of a sinus infection; if I'm right, these herbs should sooth me. And hot tea on a snowy day? You can't go wrong.
I like to hang out in the sunroom to watch the snow fall. It's incongruous up there, and I enjoy that: colorful, growing orchids, cacti and garden starts indoors, cold white blizzard outdoors. Kind of like the juicy center of a chocolate covered cherry. Oh my.
Then the best part of all: a book, a computer, a drawing, a movie: something that engages my mind, while I watch the snow fall, with my feet up on the soft, fat sofa-recliner. Today it's this blog and a scary movie (my guilty pleasure). And my tea, of course. And my socks and jammies, and the afghan my mother crocheted for me a decade ago. You can't beat it.
Well, a chocolate covered cherry would be nice....

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