Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pedicures for the Girls

It was hoof trimming day at the farm. My job was to hold the goats; they didn't know this when I arrived. They thought I had food. I usually have goodies for them (they love strawberries!) They all beg for whatever I might have on hand.
Just look at those girls! They love me. They tell me the news:
And then we get down to business. Hoof trimming involves lots of hard work. And lots of kisses. Goaties love kisses. And food. Especially food.
It was a satisfying afternoon, and a good end to the weekend. But the real question is: what color polish should they choose? Should they go with a cheeky red, or a more subtle pink? After all, it's not a proper pedi without a little "bling"!

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