Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day Debauchery, Part 2

Snow days require comfort food. Omelets definitely fit that bill. I had an abundance of good food in my refrigerator, thanks to Pure Sprouts (my new organic food delivery service), and Flint Hill (eggs and dairy), so I was set. I added a few things from my home pantry, and here's what happened.
Yummy Healthy Omelet
  • Saute shiitake mushrooms and diced sweet onion (as much as you want) in farm fresh butter.
  • Roll up a leaf of well washed and trimmed Swiss chard, then cut in tiny slivers with a kitchen scissor. Cut directly into the pan. Saute everything until it begins to soften.
  • Beat 4 fresh eggs, and pour over the vegetables. Cook until it is nearly firm, but not burnt, then cut into quarters in the pan. Flip each quarter and cook the other side.
  • Use a carrot peeler to cut thin slivers of smoked Gouda (mine was goat Gouda...yum!). Put some slivers on 2 of the quarters, then cover them with the other two quarters.
  • Top with remaining Gouda slivers, parsley (mine was dried, but fresh would be great), and radish sprouts.
  • Give one to someone you love and enjoy the other one. Mmmmmm!

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