Sunday, October 18, 2009

Open House #2

Lamp Working Demo
Today was Open House #2 at Flint Hill Farm. Among the day's many varied events, Stephanie and I made (and demonstrated making) a batch of goat milk soap, and set up our crafts exhibit which included her ceramic leaves, lamp worked jewelry, horsehair jewelry and soap and cotton washcloths.
Above, I'm showing a group of visitors how to make a lamp worked glass bead. During the course of the day, I made about 10 of them.
I also discussed horsehair weaving and showed a few in-process samples.
When everything calmed down, after I packed up, I milked the goats and put them to bed for the night. They were relieved to be inside and settled, though the sun finally made an appearance just around the time I started milking (which truly made me happy!). Below, you see my view from the goat-barn door. The team was tired after being worked all day (they pull a long wooden wagon for the people to ride; see Flint Hill Does Rodale, HERE), and enjoyed being unhitched and rubbed down for the night.
I'll sleep well tonight. Tomorrow: Amish Country, and a visit with my mom!

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