Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moo-ving On

Baby-cakes (as yet unnamed) is growing up. She allowed me to scratch her little horn buds today. She's growing fast; she now prefers the cows to the goats.
Momma Buttercup (on the right) and "Aunt" Daisy (on the left). Daisy may or may not be pregnant. We're not sure. But I do believe that she and Buttercup are in love.
Buttercup tells her all the local gossip.
Which Daisy finds shocking.
Seriously, Daisy must be going through some sort of hormonal issue; she was bred earlier in the year, but her due date has passed and there's no sign of a calf. She was arching her back and Buttercup was mounting her this afternoon, so I'm wondering if the breeding didn't take, and she's back in heat...OR if a new calf is coming. I don't know much about cows, but I do know their behavior is different lately. She was looking pretty frisky bloody show, so I'm guessing it's not a calf.
Of course, love IS in the air, since George and Herve have been bunking with the goatie girls this last week. Maybe it's catching...

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