Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dreamboat Annie

With a little luck, I believe we'll have a new member in our little family. Little Orphan Annie (previous name unknown) was abandoned at the driveway of the farm today in her cat carrier. The handwritten note on a strip of masking tape attached to the carrier said "I need a good home. Please." Obviously not a farm cat, she came home with me for a trial run with the boys. My cosmic birthday present. She's a redhead, and was left to fend for herself. I guess that makes me Momma Warbucks (HA!). If she turns out to be a he, his name will be Moses. I sure hope the boys accept her/him (I can't commit to gender, because this cat is so fluffy its parts are pretty well hidden). The vet will have the deciding vote. Annie/Moses moved right in. Until we have him/her tested for feline HIV and Leukemia, we won't let them mix. Hopefully we can do that tomorrow. She/he's such a love bug. Isolated to the kitchen right now, but hopefully integrated into the family tomorrow, she appears to be a well cared-for indoor cat; clean, well fed, no apparent parasites, though she/he does have claws (a good thing, as our boys do too.). I wonder why she was abandoned? I hope the family knows she's OK; I'm sure it was a difficult decision. This was a well nurtured pet. Was it a decision based upon a lack of means? A change in circumstances? Or a pet with a bad habit? These things may or may not reveal themselves. I may leave a note at the site where they left her, maybe on her carrier, so they know. Such a beautiful, friendly cat.
We have had two wonderful, special red cats: Buppy, my constant companion for 16 years, until her death at 22, and Stewart, who died at 17. I hope s/he channels them both, as they were remarkable.
Once again, I'm blessed. Thank you, previous owners, for throwing your bread upon the water...I think s/he'll be happy here.

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