Sunday, October 4, 2009

At the Ledges

Peter, Stephanie, Michael and I took a little river trip today, as summer is waning and we're sad to see her go. The Lehigh is our home river. I cut my boating teeth here on the Ledges, a decade ago, with my good friend John, who taught me how to kayak.
Peter and Michael, surfing at the first drop.
John's memorial plaque, at his favorite wave, on our way down the river. More about this at a later date. I'll just say this: Thank you, John. And I miss you.
It was a beautiful afternoon, and a beautiful paddle. New friends enjoying what old friends have brought us, as is the way of the world. Though time moves on, and we have to say goodbye, we'll never forget.
In John's own words: "It's all good."

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